Glass pot selection tips

Ordinary glass boiling pot can withstand the high temperature of 800℃, and has an instantaneous temperature difference of 450℃, from the refrigerator directly into the oven, microwave will not fry.
However, the pot cover only uses ordinary toughened glass, the highest can only withstand 135℃, pay special attention when using. It is recommended that each home be equipped with 1.5L and 5L glass POTS with two capacities.

(2) with shovel/spoon
It is not recommended to use metal spatula, soup spoon, will leave scratches on the surface of the pot body, easy to residual bacteria.
It’s best to use a silicone or wood cookware that won’t hurt the pan or make a goosebumps sound when it scratches.

Although the glass pan is solid and durable, there are some things to pay special attention to when using it:
(1) Heat source
Although the glass pot is applicable to a wide range of surface, but under normal circumstances can not be used in the induction cooker, if it is really needed, it must be equipped with a magnetic sheet, otherwise it can not be heated.
In addition, the sheet must be placed in a pot and submerged in liquid, so it is generally only used in soups.

(3) Cleaning
Although cooking in a glass pan is less likely to stick to the bottom, it is inevitable that there will still be some residue. At this time do not use steel wire ball to clean, will also produce scratches, bacteria residue after more difficult to clean.
General warm water after brewing, with a clean cloth, sponge can be cleaned up. Plus, these glass pans are dishwasher safe.

(4) Protection
Use a glass pot to make soups and stews and serve them straight after they are finished, without the need to transfer them to another container.
However, it is best to prepare a pan cushion before serving, so that the hot bottom of the pan will not damage the wooden or glass tabletop, especially in the winter.
Finally, never attempt to handle a hot glass pan with your bare hands, and always use heat-proof gloves!
The glass pan is an especially useful new type of kitchenware. Versatile and easy to service, it’s healthier and easier to use than traditional aluminum, casserole, or cast iron pans, but it’s also sturdy enough to be assured

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