013 KBS 17-In-1 2LB Bread Maker Machine Fully Automatic LCD Display

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One KBS Bread Machine = Bread Maker+Stand Mixer+Yogurt Maker+Jam Maker+Jelly Maker. The kitchen is too small and there is not enough space for baking. Now, using 15-in-1 compact bread machine takes the place of several other small appliances. Making your very own homemade pizza dough, a variety of jams and jellies to treat your family.



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KBS is well famous brand In the USA. Now we go online on Walmart! One KBS Bread Machine = Bread Maker+Stand Mixer+Yogurt Maker+Jam Maker+Jelly Maker. The kitchen is too small and there is not enough space for baking. Now, using 15-in-1 compact bread machine takes the place of several other small appliances. Making your very own homemade pizza dough, a variety of jams and jellies to treat your family.

We focus on customer experience and product design. With beautiful appearance and use structure design, advanced technology, offer a better quality and better service.
Freeing hands, and endless fun. Hopefully because of our presence it makes it more convenient for people. KBS hopes to witness the happy moments with customers.


Brand: KBS
Manufacturer Part Number: MBF-013
Manufacturer: KBS


【Free accessories】Non-stick Pan; Kitchen Glove; Measuring Cup; Measuring Spoon; Hook; User Manual

【17 Multifunctional Customized Automatic Programs & 2LB Large Capacity】
The KBS automatic bread machine has 17 practical programs for French, Whole Wheat, kneading and fermentation, Jam, Yogurt, Cake, etc, not only a bread maker. Additional convenience with Pizza Dough setting and Gluten-Free program. The “Quick bake”- bake a loaf in under 1.5H. It bakes 1 lb, 1.5 lb, 2 lb loaves, and 3 crust settings in light/medium/dark. Bring a variety of options to your healthier and tastier homemade bread.

【710W Powerful Motor & Unique Non-stick Pan】
710W high power motor makes the kneading quickly and evenly, strong and durable, so that the dough is soft and elastic, while the overheating protection function extends the bread machine life length, motor noise is less than 40 db, which will not affect your sleep. Premium Pan is designed to make the bread evenly baked and healthier for 100% no chemicals (BPA-Teflon-PTFE Free) and easy to clean.

【Intelligent Fruit and Nut Dispenser & 15H Timer & 1H Automatic Warm-Keeping Function】
The detachable fruit nut dispenser releases the ingredients automatically at the optimum time. You don’t need to keep an eye on the time. 15-hour Delay Timer allows you to enjoy fresh bread without having to wake up early. 1-Hour Automatic Keep Warm, 15-minute Power Interruption Recovery allow for healthy breads anytime!

【Sleek Stainless Steel Shell & 360° Surrounding Baking】
Large viewing digital Panel is easy to view and select the cycle, crust, and loaf size. Stainless steel heat-resistant and not easy to damage, baked bread more delicious and healthy. Breadmaker with advanced baking technology and 710W power output design, it makes bread baking more efficient and faster. 360-degree baking for thinner crusts, fluffier bread, and more evenly healty color.

【Superior Humanized Design & More Practical Accessories/Recipes Included】
Large viewing window offers you a full view of the process. Click the start button to stop, long press the start button to cancel the current program, Maximum convenience for you. Including more additional accessories: Kitchen Glove, Measuring Cup, Measuring Spoon, Hook, User Manual, more Recipes and Other Versatile Accessories.

【No Need to Replace Replacement parts & 3 Years Long Warranty】
Our bread maker replacement parts can be used all the time. If you need more bread pan,we can provide. KBS has ETL certification&strict quality control system. 2-year super long warranty. If there is any issue when you receive or use this bread maker, contact us feel free. Our friendly and responsible customer service team will offer 24/7 Technical Support. KBS Professional bread machine will be your lifelong quality build companion.

228 reviews for 013 KBS 17-In-1 2LB Bread Maker Machine Fully Automatic LCD Display

  1. Brian East

    My daughter is gluten free. This machine has a gluten-free bread option. It comes with great recipes. It is simple to use with many different features. I love making bread in it and making the house smell warm and cozy. This is a must have!

  2. Steven Perry

    I wish I had known how life changing a quality bread maker is earlier. Super easy to use, convenient, and it produces unbelievably good bread. My whole family loves it. I’ve made sandwich bread, honey wheat bread, cinnamon roll dough, and bread bowl dough so far. I love that I can make a full loaf in the machine, or just run the dough cycle and then make bread bowls, cinnamon rolls, or even pizza dough. It’s super easy to clean and relatively quiet. I’ve got no complaints so far.

  3. Pam Wheeler

    This is such a great bread maker. We had one before but it got broken. Compared to what we had before, this one looks trendy on our countertop and seems durable. It is larger in capacity perfect for family. My wifes like it so much, especially the different bread choices you she make in there. We are enjoying freshly made bread. Recommend it to anyone.

  4. Heather Bell

    I like the convenience of the size of loaf I need. It also helps with the ingredients in the bread. I like knowing what is in my food. I like that I don’t have to stand over the bread.

  5. Lori Burris

    This machine has many options for almost any variety of bread. This is my first bread maker and it is very simple and easy to make perfect bread.

  6. Jerry rombold

    Works perfectly. Made several different types of bread and they all were delicious. I’m happy with my purchase.

  7. Morgan Sleeper

    Maker works well… pan is NOT as big as advertised, but it still makes a good loaf of bread.

  8. Bryan Blankinship

    Machine is easy to use, instructions are easy to follow, recipes easy to follow. Made dark rye bread perfectly during my first experience. Very please with this choice. Customer support is outstanding.

  9. Kathy Todd

    I love it!! I enjoy the bread, how easy it is to use. The quantities.

  10. Misty Applegate

    This bread machine is very easy to use, and easy to clean. Occasionally the paddle is difficult to get out if you leave it in during baking, but I just run some hot tap water in the bread barrel and set it aside to give it a bit of a soak. I’ve made pretty standard white bread using their recipe, some sourdough discard bread recipes, a 100% whole wheat bread using a recipe I found online, and my new favorite, the milk bread from their recipe book (it’s delicious, though I did tweak it a little based on what I hade on hand!) As long as I don’t get too creative in adjusting things, I’ve had pretty great success. I definitely recommend it, and, if you do have problems, their customer service is phenomenal.

  11. Scott Sausman

    Extremely well made and easy to use! First time using a bread machine and couldn’t be happier with results. Bread comes out perfect every time.

  12. Meta Hyder

    Compact, reliable recipes for delicious bread, good price.

  13. Kathy Howell

    It’s features are just what I needed.

  14. Ashley Weese

    It makes really good bread, I’m loving it over the store bought stuff.

  15. Samuel Tootle

    Excellent product! High quality. Well worth the affordable price. I love this bread maker and is by far the best of two other brands I have tried!!

  16. Mary French

    I’ve owned and used a similar bread machine of a different brand for a number of years which recently needed to be replaced. I could not be more pleased that I chose this new KBS machine as the replacement. It is attractive, it works great.

  17. Kantarose Woolley

    My first experience with this machine was just kneading dough and letting it rise. Results were amazing and exceeded my previous “Zo” bread machine which was far more expensive.

  18. Carrie Hudson

    I am new to the bread making world and this machine is so easy to use! The directions are clear and easy to understand. The pictures and diagrams are so user friendly!

  19. Keeley Lance

    It is not to clear on which mode to use for white bread. Also having a hardtime pausing it and also starting over settings

  20. magdalena penas

    It was difficult to chose a bread machine having never made bread before but I can tell you I am very happy with this bread machine. I wanted a gluten free option, pizza dough option and up to 2 lbs. It delivers all this and more! I use a bread machine cookbook so I can’t comment on the recipes that came with it but the instruction book does come in handy. It is for the most part quiet ( you can hear one quick cycle click but that’s it) and doesn’t move around on the counter at all! It also looks nice with my kitchen.
    I was afraid to touch any buttons while it was cooking because I thought I would change the setting but all you have to do is hit one of the buttons on the display and the light will light back up to show you where you are in the cooking process. Points given for quick customer service response!! Very important.
    I’ve made several breads now and they have all turned out great! One note, the paddle that you insert into the bread pan has never ever come back off so all my bread comes out without a paddle in it which is wonderful for me! It has the little hole still of course but I don’t have to retrieve it out of the bread.
    Having never made bread before, and having no knowledge at all about any of the scientifics behind it, I am very happy with this purchase!

  21. Darran Hilbig

    The loaf is not really oblong, but kind of square.

  22. Margarett Young

    This bread machine makes great bread dough. Have not tried other functions yet but so far very satisfied.

  23. Bonnie Castillo

    love love love this bread machine and it costs a lot less than it’s competitors.

  24. Walt Michnal

    Easy to use, fairly simple to clean, yields excellent bread. Very happy

  25. Amy Whicker

    I love that this unit doesn’t take up much space and is so easy to use! Makes delicious bread.

  26. Sharon Allen

    This bread machine is awesome! Perfect soft loaves and the French bread comes out with a nice crispy crust. Love the fact the loaf isn’t “standing” in the machine and actually lays down just like it’s in the oven. It’s not just for the instructions you get either. You can use any bread recipe, just make sure to out the ingredients in the same as you would for a recipe out of the book.

  27. bruce brown

    I’ve been making my own bread by hand every weekend for close to a year. I love the process but it’s time-consuming and the quality is not always consistent. After some extensive research, I finally decided on the KBS Bread Machine and I only wish I had make this decision sooner. I no longer have to time slave over the process – just drop all the ingredients into the machine and press Start and I have a fresh loaf of bread in 3 hours. To be honest, I’m pretty sure all the bread maker out there can do a decent job. I choise KBS based on other reviews and the number of functions. Overall, this is a great machine. We are making bread almost every other night compared to one loaf week by hand. To me, that’s a game-changer :). Again, I’m sure all the bread machines can do the same job, but the machine makes it easy to use and to wash afterward. Highly recommended. Note: If you are using the automatic fruit/nut dispenser, the manual didn’t explain it well, but all you have to do is put your nut or fruit into the dispenser and mounted it according to the manual. At the right time, it will release the nut/fruit into the dough. Also, this bread maker doesn’t alert you to take the paddle out, and I learn to live with a small hole at the bottom but it’s not bad. I hope that helps.

  28. Kari Crouch

    this is a great bread machine. Not the cheapest, not the most expensive. Just maybe the best value proposition given it’s design, features and performance. I highly reccomend.

  29. Frankie Fung

    Excellent product – I like the compact design. It is easy to operate and makes very good bread.

  30. Travis Solomon

    Works great, makes wonderful bread. Easy to use.

  31. Fred Council

    Well-made product. Instructions are clear. Have made multiple loaves and they came out perfect!

  32. Cheryl Peters

    Great bread maker!! We were sick of getting sliced bread that had barely finished defrosting on supermarket shelves.
    I used 2 cups of 00 Caputo flour, 150 ml of 2% milk, 1 egg, 2 table spoons of melted butter, 1 table spoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of bread dry active yeast. Voilà!

  33. Linda Hernandez

    I received this as a gift..I never thought I wanted one..But I really love it

  34. renee lewis

    This is an amazing bread maker! Easy to use and clean! Works perfectly.

  35. Izabel Sigulinsky

    Very happy to have a great bread machine again. The only down side is the paddles get stuck in the bread. I sometimes have to tap hard for bread to be released from pan and fetch paddle out from underside of bread. Other than that, it’s so simple to use.

  36. Tanya Weathers

    I spent weeks searching for the perfect bread maker before purchasing this one. I’ve only tried a couple of basic breads in it, but they were great, the clean-up is ridiculously easy thanks to the non-stick coating, it’s not loud, and it stays in one place on my countertop lol. Sometimes one of the paddles gets stuck in a loaf, but it’s really easy to remove. If they get stuck in the pan I just soak them for 5 minutes and they slide right out. Couldn’t have asked for a better bread machine!!

  37. Spencer Allen

    The bread maker is very good. You just need good flour and yeast. I did not follow the recipe, I used my own recipe. Good luck!!!

  38. Lauri Sawyer

    Fantastic, easy to use, takes the science out of baking bread

  39. Carol Jahnke

    This is the second one I’ve owned. The first one was about 10 years old and was heavily used. I often used it to make dough that I baked in my oven.

  40. Carmen Lopez

    Like the outside look of the bread machine. Easy to use, cleanups are easy & the bread has been turning out beautifully. Tastes so good and nice to know what ingredients are used.

  41. Cherkenia Hood

    great product

  42. Heather Butler

    Machine is easy to use and so handy

  43. Volodymyr Chervonetskyi

    Very happy to have a great bread machine again. The only down side is the paddles get stuck in the bread. I sometimes have to tap hard for bread to be released from pan and fetch paddle out from underside of bread. Other than that, it’s so simple to use.

  44. Lorie Sudoerth

    Nice, compact, and easy to use! Doesn’t everyone love the smell of fresh baked bread?

  45. Venessa Montano

    So far I’ve made several loaves of bread, one batch of pretzels (dough only), and one batch of pasta dough. The machine works flawlessly and produces excellent results.

  46. Whittier Elementary Kerry Anderson

    Great value for a great bread maker. Easy to use and clean.

  47. Sabra Taylor

    We are extremely happy with this machine. We have made several loaves all ready. They all turned out excellent. We have had multiple bread machines over the years and this is by far the best.

  48. Adam Griffin

    Love this bread machine. I use this at least once a week. Easy to use and clean. Bread taste and texture is so much better than previous machine.

  49. Peggy Hughes

    So easy, wish I’d bought one earlier! Love the Raisin Bread recipe.

  50. Arnoldo Fabela

    Very easy to use, simple recipes to follow and a quick clean up.

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