013 KBS 17-In-1 2LB Bread Maker Machine Fully Automatic LCD Display

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One KBS Bread Machine = Bread Maker+Stand Mixer+Yogurt Maker+Jam Maker+Jelly Maker. The kitchen is too small and there is not enough space for baking. Now, using 15-in-1 compact bread machine takes the place of several other small appliances. Making your very own homemade pizza dough, a variety of jams and jellies to treat your family.

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  • Manufacturer: KBS
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  • Market: Global
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KBS is well famous brand In the USA. Now we go online on Walmart! One KBS Bread Machine = Bread Maker+Stand Mixer+Yogurt Maker+Jam Maker+Jelly Maker. The kitchen is too small and there is not enough space for baking. Now, using 15-in-1 compact bread machine takes the place of several other small appliances. Making your very own homemade pizza dough, a variety of jams and jellies to treat your family.

We focus on customer experience and product design. With beautiful appearance and use structure design, advanced technology, offer a better quality and better service.
Freeing hands, and endless fun. Hopefully because of our presence it makes it more convenient for people. KBS hopes to witness the happy moments with customers.


Brand: KBS
Manufacturer Part Number: MBF-013
Manufacturer: KBS


【Free accessories】Non-stick Pan; Kitchen Glove; Measuring Cup; Measuring Spoon; Hook; User Manual

【17 Multifunctional Customized Automatic Programs & 2LB Large Capacity】
The KBS automatic bread machine has 17 practical programs for French, Whole Wheat, kneading and fermentation, Jam, Yogurt, Cake, etc, not only a bread maker. Additional convenience with Pizza Dough setting and Gluten-Free program. The “Quick bake”- bake a loaf in under 1.5H. It bakes 1 lb, 1.5 lb, 2 lb loaves, and 3 crust settings in light/medium/dark. Bring a variety of options to your healthier and tastier homemade bread.

【710W Powerful Motor & Unique Non-stick Pan】
710W high power motor makes the kneading quickly and evenly, strong and durable, so that the dough is soft and elastic, while the overheating protection function extends the bread machine life length, motor noise is less than 40 db, which will not affect your sleep. Premium Pan is designed to make the bread evenly baked and healthier for 100% no chemicals (BPA-Teflon-PTFE Free) and easy to clean.

【Intelligent Fruit and Nut Dispenser & 15H Timer & 1H Automatic Warm-Keeping Function】
The detachable fruit nut dispenser releases the ingredients automatically at the optimum time. You don’t need to keep an eye on the time. 15-hour Delay Timer allows you to enjoy fresh bread without having to wake up early. 1-Hour Automatic Keep Warm, 15-minute Power Interruption Recovery allow for healthy breads anytime!

【Sleek Stainless Steel Shell & 360° Surrounding Baking】
Large viewing digital Panel is easy to view and select the cycle, crust, and loaf size. Stainless steel heat-resistant and not easy to damage, baked bread more delicious and healthy. Breadmaker with advanced baking technology and 710W power output design, it makes bread baking more efficient and faster. 360-degree baking for thinner crusts, fluffier bread, and more evenly healty color.

【Superior Humanized Design & More Practical Accessories/Recipes Included】
Large viewing window offers you a full view of the process. Click the start button to stop, long press the start button to cancel the current program, Maximum convenience for you. Including more additional accessories: Kitchen Glove, Measuring Cup, Measuring Spoon, Hook, User Manual, more Recipes and Other Versatile Accessories.

【No Need to Replace Replacement parts & 3 Years Long Warranty】
Our bread maker replacement parts can be used all the time. If you need more bread pan,we can provide. KBS has ETL certification&strict quality control system. 2-year super long warranty. If there is any issue when you receive or use this bread maker, contact us feel free. Our friendly and responsible customer service team will offer 24/7 Technical Support. KBS Professional bread machine will be your lifelong quality build companion.

205 reviews for 013 KBS 17-In-1 2LB Bread Maker Machine Fully Automatic LCD Display

  1. Karen Winegar

    Bread maker is easy to use and recipes and instructions great. Such an improvement from early generation of bread makers from 20 years ago.

  2. Todd Rafferty

    I’ve only made one loaf of bread but worked great. Easy to use.

  3. russell makar

    Compact and works great! Nonstick coating works amazingly, hopefully it ages well!

  4. Patricia Forjan

    Have been using this regularly for about a month now with great results. Recipes could use a little translation assistance. Be sure to use active dry yeast, and “strong flour” means bread flour. Also, use warm water although the directions never talk about the temperature of the water. I use canola oil, kosher salt, granulated sugar, and powdered milk where the recipe calls for oil, salt, sugar, and milk powder. Some recipes call for butter… haven’t tried those yet.

    I typically make bread using the “natural sourdough” setting, 2lb loaf, medium or light crust. I find that this reliably produces an airy loaf with a nice crust in a little under 7 hours.

    I’ve used the nut/fruit box to mix in dried cranberries, crushed pistachios, or toasted pine nuts. The box releases the toppings reliably. The machine will beep when it’s dropping the nuts in and it sounds like the machine strikes the release button multiple times to be sure the nuts are released into the dough. Tip: when using the fruit/nut dispenser, after the nuts are released into the dough, remove the box from the machine. If you’re making the max size 2lb loaf, the bread will rise high enough to contact the fruit/nut box if you don’t remove it, resulting in a malformed loaf. Won’t affect the taste, it’s just a cosmetic thing.

    Some other tips: during the “stir 1” or “rest” phases, use a rubber spatula to scrape the flour down the sides if the bucket into the dough below. Otherwise you’ll get dusty tasteless patches of flour on the crust of your bread.

    I’ve found that the finished bread releases fairly easily from the bucket, although the paddle at the bottom always pulls out a plug of bread from the bottom if the loaf and is glued onto the stem by the cooked dough. Soak the bucket and paddle in water for a few minutes to soften the cooked dough binding the paddle to the stem. It should release with a little wiggling and upward pressure.

    The bucket and paddle are coated with nonstick coating and clean very easily.

    Overall I’m very happy with this bread machine. My family has been enjoying freshly baked bread, we know exactly what goes into the bread, and it’s pretty cheap to get bread flour, oil, kosher salt, sugar, powdered milk, and yeast compared to buying bread from the market.

  5. Lori Grismer

    I purchased this for my daughter as a gift. Her other bread maker she had for years and it finally quit. But she absolutely loves this one. Price was good, constructed well. And easy to use.

  6. Ana Faria

    The bread we have made taste amazing definitely a great product

  7. Nika Gasparez

    Like the bread.

  8. Brenda Moro

    This is the second one I have purchased. Someone recently broke the one I baught six years ago. I loved it so much, I got the same one, but with a little upgrade. And it’s well worth the price. Nothing like the smell of fresh bread in the house.

  9. Kevin Nagle

    Super easy to use. Makes a great loaf of bread!

  10. Rose Kernell

    The start up instructions were extremely simple, the equipment was easy to detach and wash, and, just as an added bonus, the bread/dough falls right out of the bread container.
    I would highly recommend this machine to anyone, experienced or amateur.

  11. David Shindle

    We have made quick bread, pizza dough, and the naturally fermented recipe in the cookbook. We have not used the add nuts/raisins device yet.

  12. Juan Lin

    Used it a couple times so far. Works great. Controls are easy. And it looks nice too.

  13. Lauren Orosz

    turn it on put in the ingredients… select what you want… about 3 hours you have bread

  14. Hitomi Smith

    I have used this several times and it makes delicious bread. I like the auto fruit and nut drop but is doesn’t mix the fruits very well into the bread.


    I’ve made several loads already and I love it.


    It is easier to uas then the old one

  17. Cathie Davidson

    Perfect.. I was apprehensive about ordering a bread machine since I already made bread by hand…but, my mind has changed..perfect for making gluten free bread in a short amount of time..still working out the gluten free recipes just so they turn out perfect.. I would recommend this machine to anyone..very, very simple to use.

  18. debbie fisher

    Bought this for my partner as a Christmas gift over a year ago. He makes a bread loaf about once per week and this machine has been awesome. We also use it to make pizza dough and the occasional “quick” loaf such as banana bread. The fruit and nut dispenser is sometimes a bit finnicky to open and fill, but not terribly difficult. Overall, this device has been a great option for us at a good price point and it has lasted over a year (and still counting) with almost weekly usage.

  19. Ingrid Paterson

    Using to save money and reduce sodium and chemicals from commercial breads. Successful so far.

  20. Lisa Wilson

    Great product! Works very well We use it often Recommend

  21. Adelle John

    This is easy to use and understand.Definitely worth the money!

  22. Julia Poling

    It’s the best purchase yet! So easy. Add your ingredients turn it on and done!

  23. Gerard Visconti

    I bought it because I needed a newer model to make bread that was gluten free.


    I only use the machine to take my bread to dough stage, but I am very pleased with the results. Not all machines are equal, this one is perfect. I would re buy it in a heart beat

  25. Serena Aaker

    I waited over a month to review, just so I could test it thoroughly. While there are still plenty of things I haven’t tried to use it for, it is fantastic for its main purpose. In about a month and a half, in spite of work and a lot of other things coming up, I’ve made at least a loaf a week. We even were down a week, when our refrigerator died! I’ve tried herbed potato breads, dessert breads, quick breads and basic white breads all with lovely successes. It could not be easier to use or easier to clean. Definitely a fan!

  26. Yogesh Goel

    This machine works really well with the bread recipes I have tried (whole wheat and oatmeal). It takes all the work out of bread-making and leaves you with the fun of eating homemade bread.

  27. elizabeth Breen

    Really enjoy this purchase. I love the fact that you can either bake a loaf completely or use dough cycle and only have it mix, knead, and rise then ready to form little loaves or make rolls with the dough.

  28. Maricel Crissman

    Happy with purchase. Easy to clean and makes great bread. Use several times a week. It has probably already paid for itself as we no longer purchase bread.

  29. Gary Lopez

    One of our favorite purchases. Use once or twice a week.

  30. Jennifer Place

    My family loves this! It had been years since we had a bread machine and this one definitely exceeded our expectations. I love the options for gluten free and multigrain bread so we can have healthy choices for a fraction of the cost of buying artisan bread in the store.

  31. chasity Lillard

    This machine is so easy to use and so easy to clean. I now make homemade bread every week effortlessly.

  32. Taylah Schroeder

    It was fairly easy to use. Im not a manual type of gyal so it was fun to learn how that little machine works. My first loaf alwas actually great. Ive been using it nonstop since i bought it.

  33. Alaattin Gungor

    I use this machine weekly to make all the bread we use in the house. Makes excellent sandwich bread one you find the right recipe. Very programmable and the loaves are the perfect size and shape for sandwiches. There’s a learning curve but that’s just how baking bread is. I’ve baked bread without a machine and this just gives you better results because it’s more consistent so you can tweak your recipes more easily. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again.

  34. Jacob Hafner

    I make a lot of homemade bread because it tastes so much better and saves money. This machine is used a lot and does a good job.

  35. Emily And Colby Johnson

    Purchased this product a month ago and have used it nearly every other day!

  36. Heather Bell

    This is my third bread maker and it is by far nicer than the other two I have used. I love the compartment for nuts, seeds and raisins that empties automatically so that I don’t have to be nearby, listening for the beep so that I can run to pour in the additions myself. I also love how easy it is to use, especially for delayed bread-making.

  37. Catherine E Gawelko

    Everything about this bread machine is great! Bread tastes wonderful, no complaints.

  38. Rayth Burnham

    This is a great appliance. I love it. Makes baking bread fun

  39. Elena Gregg

    This is a very well-constructed bread machine and I get nothing less than great results with it. I highly recommend it!

  40. Sha Luo

    We use this breadmaker weekly to make gluten free loaves. It’s reliable and does a great job.

  41. Brenda Erickson

    So far I’ve made two loaves with this thing and it’s been absolutely perfect. Easy to use, easy to clean, and my house smells amazing whenever I make bread in it.

  42. Sabra Taylor

    This KBS has a powerful motor and many other features in a device that costs not much more than the cheapest breadmakers. It seems very solid and hefty, the motor doesn’t balk when the dough is heavy in the early stages of kneading. The two burners make evenly baked loaves and the final results are lovely with only a small hole in the bottom.

  43. Deb Martin

    Ease of use. Good results. Low carb setting. Recommend to beginning bread machine users.

  44. Patricia Czajkowski

    I love it . French bread is our favorite. As long as you follow the recipe is coming out perfect bread.

  45. Karen Mignano

    I bought this bread maker several months ago. Following the directions in the recipe book I have been able to make all kinds of bread. When the paddle sound signals I remove the bread from the bread maker, remove the paddle and put it into a loaf pan for a 3rd rise. After that I bake it in the oven 350 degrees for 30 to 35 minutes. Perfection!

  46. Dorinda Kaduchak

    I should eat as much bread as I do now, but this machine makes it so simple to make bread a couple of times a week!

  47. Jamie Campbell

    For years I wouldn’t use a bread maker because so many were made with Teflon. This was an affordable alternative that has allowed this non- baker to successfully make bread!!!

  48. Kathleen Munoz De sousa

    Love the compact, quiet machine but more recipes please. Another book available to purchase?

  49. jaime hinson

    Easy to use, nice looking, does not take up much space, good warranty.

  50. Shannon Schumann

    I purchased this for my daughter as a gift. Her other bread maker she had for years and it finally quit. But she absolutely loves this one.

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