What kinds of sensor light are there?

With the continuous progress of science and technology, there are more and more kinds of sensor lights on the market, so what kinds of sensor lights are there?
1.Light controlled sensor light
This kind of sensor light will first detect the intensity of the light, and then control whether the delay switch module and infrared induction module are in a locked or standby state according to the induction value through the optical induction module. During the day or when the light is bright, they are generally in a locked state, while at night or when the light is weak, they are in a undetermined state. At this time, If someone enters the sensor area, the sensor light will sense the infrared temperature of the human body, and will automatically light up. When the person leaves, the sensor light will automatically go out.

2.Voice-activated sensor light
This is an sensor light that uses a voice-activated component to turn power on and off. It can be induced by the vibration of sound. Because when sound waves propagate in the air, if they encounter other qualities, they will continue to propagate in the form of vibration, and the voice control element can control the power supply through the vibration of sound waves.

3.Microwave sensor light
This kind of sensor light is induced by the vibration frequency between different molecules, and the vibration frequency between molecules is generally not the same, when the frequency of the two is just the same, or the corresponding multiple, the sensor light will react to the object, so as to realize the lamp power on and off.

4.Touch type sensor light
This kind of sensor light is usually installed inside the electronic touch IC, and the electronic touch IC will usually form a control loop with the light touching the electrode, so as to help the light to achieve power on and off. When the user touches the electrode at the sensor position, the touch signal will generate a pulse signal through the pulse direct current, and will be transmitted to the position of the touch sensor, and the touch sensor will send a trigger pulse signal, so that the light power is turned on, if the touch again, the light power will be turned off.

5.Image contrast sensor light
This kind of sensor light not only includes the detection of the moving object, but also includes the classification and analysis of the moving object, and can also change the updating speed of the background according to the different moving state, and then realize the corresponding opening and closing control. This type of light can be used when it is necessary to identify the scene to see if there are other people or foreign objects.

6.Infrared sensor light
This is a high sensitivity and energy efficient sensor, so it is widely used in the market, its main component is the human body thermal infrared sensor, used to accept the user because of constant temperature and emit a specific wavelength, and then according to the sensor wavelength to control the power supply on and off.

The above is a detailed introduction of several sensor lights, I believe you have a certain understanding of the types of isensor lights.

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